Drunk Driving (OWI/DUI) Offenses

Being arrested for drunk driving can have devastating consequences for an individual's family and professional life. Depending on circumstances, the result of a conviction may include jail or prison time, license revocation, large fines, increase of cancellation of insurance, or mandatory community services.

Attorney Steven G. Storrs will aggressively pursue a positive result for every client, and handle each case with thoroughness and compassion.

Understanding The Charges

Several terms are used by Michigan police and prosecutors to categorize drunk-driving charges. Here are the basics:

- OUI / DUI (operating or driving under influence of drugs and other controlled substances)

- OWI / DWI (operating or driving while intoxicated)

- OVI (operating a vehicle while under the influence)

- UBAC / UBAL (unlawful bodily alcohol content or level) for adults and individuals under age 21

- Super Drunk: offenders with blood-alcohol levels of .17 or more

Most drunk-driving cases begin with a police stop. If stopped, you have the right to remain silent and the right to speak with an attorney.  Your name, address, license and insurance information is the only information that you must provide. You do not have to volunteer any additional information about the incident.

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